Super Bowl Sunday 2017 is upon us.

For the teams and fans that won’t be watching from the sideline at 4:30pm this Sunday at NRG Stadium in Houston, the following ideas will keep your interest and excitement throughout this holy day in American sports.

For the diehard football fans at your house or party:

Print out and hand out this Super Bowl Party Template and hand out a copy of it to each of your party guests. Everyone must turn in their completed form before the start of the game. Keep tabs on “who’s in the lead” all throughout the game, and award the game winner a special prize (or cocktail) at the end.

For the non-football fans in the room (who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in watching the game):

Sit back, enjoy good conversation, some instant-classic commercials, the half-time show by yours truly, Lady Gaga, and cross your fingers that “your” team will make it to the big game next year.

Enjoy your Sunday no matter what you do!