As El Paso transitions from Winter to Summer, home buyers and owners are often left wondering how to determine the true efficiency of a home.

Take the following questions as a tip from the Texas Association of REALTORS to better understand presence and effectiveness of energy-efficient features that a property can have.

If the seller made energy improvements to the house—upgraded insulation, new windows, efficient appliances— they will brag about it, and it’s likely the listing agent will include that in the property’s marketing materials and descriptions. If you don’t see those types of improvements listed, here are some questions to ask the seller or sellers agent:

  • How much are the utility bills? Compare the costs to that of a similarly sized house.
  • What’s the R-value of the insulation? Many people won’t know the answer, but those who do will give you valuable information. Here are the recommended R-values for different regions of the country.
  • What do you know about the windows? For most of the Texas, you want windows with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of less than 0.25; the range is between 0 and 1, with the lower the better. If that information is not available, look for double glazing with inert gases between the panes, reflective tints, and low-E coatings that reflect heat.
  • Are the appliances Energy Star rated? Energy Star is a voluntary program of the Environmental Protection Agency, and products with an Energy Star label are more energy efficient than standard products.
  • Do you have the maintenance records for heating and cooling equipment? Heating and cooling equipment that is not properly maintained wastes energy.

Summer in El Paso can be alittle easier on the wallet and your comfort by being well informed.

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