Whether you’ve just recently moved to El Paso or you’ve lived here your whole life, one thing remains true: El Paso is unlike any other city. As Texas’s westernmost city, we’re very, very far removed from what non-Texans may consider “Texan.” We’re closer to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and Las Cruces in New Mexico than Austin, Dallas, or Houston. As such, El Paso and its residents all share a distinct homeliness and familiarity. 

Living in the Sun City is as warm as an embrace and as beautiful as our incomparable sunsets. All too often, however, El Pasoans may not know about all the attractions that our city has to offer. Whether your family is culturally or entertainment-based, you can enjoy the life and enjoyment that the city provides. From honorary art galleries to famous recreational sites, let’s get acquainted with some of the top attractions that reside in El Paso’s Downtown and Westside areas.

The Plaza Theatre

The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center has been providing the community of El Paso with some of the most beautiful shows since 1930. The Plaza is immediately captivating. Upon entering, audiences witness the interior of the building, which is laden with gold and ornamental railings and finishes. Once inside the theatre, you can look up at the ceiling to notice lights shining like stars across the night sky, casting a magical glow throughout. All year long, musical artists perform and hold concerts, the El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestra plays, broadway shows are held, and the Plaza Classic Film Festival take place The Plaza Theatre. 

El Paso Museum of Art 

Right next to The Plaza Theatre lies the El Paso Museum of Art, which has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. The El Paso Museum of Art is home to several pieces of art, including European art collections and modern sculptures and displays. What makes the museum so unique is that it is constantly stocked with pieces of art that are in favor of immigration rights. Many of these pieces depict the hardships that immigrants go through and the hope they experience when they come to border cities such as El Paso for more opportunities. Some of the rooms circulate pieces that way locals can get a view for more artwork. 

Franklin Mountains State Park 

If you consider yourself one with nature, then you’ll love everything that the Franklin Mountains has to offer. The state park is infamous for its extensive hiking trails and scenery. Along the mountains lies Scenic Drive, a popular spot that offers the people of El Paso with a romantic view of the skyline. Local wildlife groups like to use this area for wildlife viewing and watching opportunities, as well! 

Downtown Artist and Farmer’s Market 

If you have a knack for local art and creations, then you’re in luck. The El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmer’s Market is a year-round, outdoor artisan market that features artists and merchants who offer arts and crafts, food, produce, and entertainment. The Downtown Artist and Farmer’s Market is usually open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, on Saturdays. There are also other farmer’s markets that take place across the El Paso area so there’s always something more to enjoy!

Keystone Heritage Park and the El Paso Desert Botanical Garden 

The Keystone Heritage Park is an archeological site that has gardens, history exhibits, ponds, and wetlands on display. The botanical garden honors some of the unique desert plants that El Paso is home to. In addition to the lush life, the park also stands as a venue for weddings and all kinds of celebratory events! The venue is perfect for events at night, illuminated with the ideal fixtures and rustic decor. Additionally, the park is often asked to host the “Luminarias” event, where locals can enjoy the scenery, lit up by lights surrounding the vicinity. 

Insights El Paso Science Center 

If your child has a keen interest in science, technology, or engineering, then El Paso has just the place for you! The Insights El Paso Science Center is encompassed around promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by offering interactive experiences and captivating exhibits. The science center hosts summer camps and programs for children to enjoy during their time off from school. These camps provide children with engaging and hands-on activities to keep them entertained and learning! Children can expect to learn how to apply their problem-solving skills to real-world challenges and connections. 

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