As with most of the world, El Paso had to experience a lockdown following the prevalence of the global coronavirus pandemic. Schools, parks, restaurants, bars, big events, and more all shut down to prevent a large outbreak. While this was for the best, it did put a damper on our city somewhat. 

However, the city has begun springing back to life again, and there are things you can now do to break up the monotony of being at home. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can still do in the Sun City! 

Go Outdoors! 

One of the safest (and healthiest) things that you can still do in El Paso is to just get outdoors! At the beginning of the pandemic response, most of our parks either closed or had severely reduced hours. As a result, many people couldn’t use the parks to hike, camp, rock climb, or just take in the sun away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

One of El Paso’s most famous parks, the Franklin Mountains State Park, features iconic mountains jutting out of the landscape, dotted with the flora and fauna that characterize our environment. For just $5 per adult, you can reconnect with the land, treat your body with sunlight and exercise, and provide a good time for your family and friends. 

Go Catch A Movie! 

Tired of the scrolling through Netflix and Disney+ looking for old shows and movies to enjoy? Well, you should take a gander at going back to the movie theaters! The Alamo Drafthouse is now open, playing Christopher Nolan’s TENET and other great movies. 

Worried about the virus? Movie theaters are spacing out customers so no one sits near one another, as well as taking temperatures of guests to try to spot anyone who may be sick. Along with requiring masks, movie theaters have stepped up to provide a safe, secure viewing experience for their guests. 

Get Pumped At The Gym

If you’re anything like us, the pandemic may not have been so kind to your waistline. While those love handles may have appeared over the past few months, the gyms are open again and ready for you to beat back the fat. 

Gyms have taken the threat of coronavirus seriously, enhancing their cleaning methods, and creating new guidelines for guests to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread in the gym. 

Go Skydiving! 

Are hiking, the gym, and exhilarating movies not enough to get your blood pumping? Well, skydiving may be for you! iFLY is a fantastic indoor skydiving company in El Paso that provides a great time for people as young as 3 and as old as 100+! 

You can wear comfortable clothing, bring the entire family, and experience the thrill of skydiving without needing to actually be thousands of feet in the air. Of course, if you love indoor skydiving, you may want to try out full, outdoor skydiving as well. 

Check Out Some Art And History! 

Up to this point in our article, we’ve discussed a few activities that should get your blood pumping. However, our next suggestion should (hopefully) keep your heart rate down. El Paso is home to many great places to learn more about history, art, and other interesting and educational. 

The El Paso Museum of History and Museum of Art are two of the main ways that you can get your fix for knowledge and culture. They are free to the public and are fit for the whole family to visit and enjoy. 

This isn’t the only place where you can get a look at history, though. The El Paso Museum of Archaeology is a fantastic place to see the history of life in our region, from indigenous communities to now. The Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums, as well as the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center, are also great places to learn more and take a break from skydiving, hiking, and pumping iron at the gym. 

Use Your Inspiration To Create Your Own Art

So now you’ve gotten a sweat in, experienced some history and art, but still want something to do? Well, you can now take your inspiration and make your own museum-worthy piece! I Painted That! is a “sip and paint” studio in El Paso that offers cocktails, canvases, and lessons on painting. 

While they have limited occupancy due to the pandemic, it is still a fantastic place to visit and use as a fun outlet for your family and friends. 

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