Denise May

Denise May


  • Cell: 915-549-1037
  • Office Location: 7181 Westwind Dr., Ste. B

About Denise May

The greatest credentials I carry are the words so many proud homeowners have spoken to and about me as their trusted Real Estate Agent & Friend! I am a native El Pasoan, TX & NM Realtor & Certified New Home Specialist. Serving El Paso’s real estate needs since 1998, and now a New Mexico Qualifying Broker. I am constantly learning in the “ever- changing” world of construction as well as the financing requirements needed to get my clients to the closing table!

The business of building homes & putting families into them is like a machine with hundreds of moving parts! Each one is dependent on the performance of all the others. My priority is to facilitate each part in accomplishing the final goal of being able to say, “Congratulations, here are your keys!” If you know me, you know that “giving up” in the process is NOT an option!! “Welcome Home” is a phrase I never get tired of saying to my happy homeowners! Please give me a call!