Eric Smith

Eric Smith


  • Cell: 915-996-1559
  • Office Location: 7181 Westwind Dr., Suite B

About Eric Smith

Buying and selling real estate does not need to be layered with so many stressful unknown elements that many consumers experience working through a traditional transaction of for their home. As the Business Development Director for Cornerstone Realty here in El Paso Texas, I prioritize my efforts on delivering a sophisticated, realistic and effective head-to-toe agenda for the preparation, valuation, marketing and ultimately, sale of residential property of all sizes and conditions.

Crafting manageable expectations towards the listing and sale of homes is my expertise. My confidence and experience was earned by personally managing all facets for the sale of approximately 240 homes over 6 years, worth roughly $380MM with Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions in Los Angeles.

Now, in El Paso, my success is dependent on the continued ability to guide a client towards, and then through, a fruitful transaction based on the goal-oriented and transparent understanding that will be had have from start to finish.